Example of Sales Terms

These clauses determine the relationship existing between "ARTFUL WEBDESIGN", it's suppliers and the visitors of the website. ARTFUL WEBDESIGN is a testing site for CE PHOENIX and does NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS shown on the website, using them only as examples to illustrate the possibilities for web site construction with this platform. You can use the following sales terms as an example of sales terms for your own website.

Eventual delays do not entitle the buyer to claim damages and interest.

We deliver to the address as indicated on the order form by the buyer, even if it is different from the billing address. The information furnished by the buyer at the time of the order is binding: in case of error in the address of the destination "ARTFUL WEBDESIGN" will not be held liable in case of the impossibility to deliver the goods.

Our deliveries in Europe are handled by "La Poste" either with "Colissimo suivi" or registered mail, the signature on the delivery form validates the delivery. For other countries as well as the DOM TOM we send "Colissimo" or registered mail.

The simple fact of not claiming the package at the post office or refusing delivery is NOT considered as exercising the right to cancel an order. In case of a litigation at the time of delivery the remarks must be noted by the transporter on the delivery form and the claim must be declared within forty eight hours to "ARTFUL WEBDESIGN".


The order is qualified as binding twenty four hours after reception of the confirmation of the order. It's acceptance can not be in put in doubt.


In compliance with present laws, the buyer has SEVEN DAYS from the reception date of the merchandise to return at his own cost to us the merchandise in it's original packaging and unused. He will be reimbursed the value of the merchandise within THIRTY days, pending payment clearaince of the original order. No return will be accepted postage due. The consumer can choose an exchange instead of a refund if he wishes. NOTE: No refunds or exchanges are allowed for made-to-measure websites as they were specially crafted to your needs.


The billing price is based on the price at the time of purchase.


The customer chooses the method of payment proposed on the order form:
(1) either by secure on-line credit card payment by CB, Visa, Mastercard in which case the payment is handled directly by our bank at the time of order and can be revoked in case of fraudulent use of a credit card.
(2) or thru Paypal.
"ARTFUL WEBDESIGN" uses secure methods for on-line payments as authorized by the current laws. "ARTFUL WEBDESIGN" DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.


"ARTFUL WEBDESIGN" is responsable for the contents of the web site www.artful-webdesign.com, all engagements taken in connection with the site, as well as the service and delivery logistics.

The order forms are kept on file by "ARTFUL WEBDESIGN" and constitute proof of the order and it's date. All reclamations relative to the contract must be addressed by registered mail to:
ARTFUL WEBDESIGN, 89 chemin de Frayère, 06650 Le Rouret (FRANCE).


In case a litigation should arise out of the present contractual relationship the parties will first and foremost try to find a peaceful solution. In case of litigation only the Tribunal of Nice, France, is considered competant.
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